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There is currently no national Patient Report Form in use. This will lead to a disparity in the data being collected nationwide. In particular, it would prove difficult to report data against international ICD10 codes. 

Here we look at the type of data that should generally be collected when treating or dealing with a patient, irrespective of whether this is a trauma or medical call.

A Patient Report Form (PRF) is a record of the patient and call data, and includes but is not limited to:

  • Demographic Data

  • Call Assignment Details

  • Presenting Complaint

  • Medical Assessment and History

  • Observations (clinical)

  • Airway Management

  • CPR/Defib/12 lead details

  • Details in free text of EMT's observations/treatment/plans/comments

  • There are a number of other sections that should be addressed, including a coding system for call type and the main/secondary illness or injury code


Here are some examples of how this data can be recorded

Here we have part of  the free text written up in relation to a elderly patient who has had a fall at home (this is a training PRF and is not from any real data). You will see that there is a clear concise step-by-step breakdown of what has been observed by the EMT on scene.

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