About us:



We provide 1669 EMS & Rescue services in Khonkaen. Our service is registered with EMIT (Emergency Medical Institute of Thailand) & volunteers are are all EMIT (Emergency Medical Institute of Thailand) registered and skills range from EMR (formerly EMT-FR) to EMT-I (or they are in the process of undertaking their EMR training in order to qualify). There are also a number of non-Thai people involved from the UK, Denmark, the USA, New Zealand & beyond. They support us in a number of ways including volunteering with us in Thailand, sourcing donations of equipment, delivery of training & numerous administrative roles (such as running our website and social media platforms).

We have recently secured sponsorship from a PAX,  full details of which will be online soon. As part of our ongoing stakeholder development plan, we have entered into partnership with Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships who will be working with us ensuring that our volunteers receive a range of specialist training they require to undertake a range of technical rescue roles. In addition to this, we're currently working on a training & development plan in order to support the introduction of a regional HART unit. Further details of our relationship & how we are proposing to work together will appear online shortly. The training on offer will be available at no cost to eligible volunteers from other Foundations & EMS staff in the region.

Volunteering opportunities

We will be seeking volunteers who would like to come & join us, working alongside our volunteers as well as spending some time with one of the paid ALS teams in the region. You would be assisting us in developing the leading volunteer led pre-hospital emergency care service in the country as part of a provincial specific development program.


If you are a qualified and (where appropriate) registered EMT, Ambulance Technician, Associate Ambulance Practitioner, Paramedic, Nurse or board registered Trauma Doctor, we would welcome your interest in spending some time with us. Volunteers from St John Ambulance and the Red Cross are also more than welcome to visit us as well.

It is anticipated that opportunities for clinical volunteering will be available from late 2018. There will be a number of exciting and innovative projects available which you may find of interest. Your time with us will contribute to the ongoing development & re-modelling of how pre-hospital care is delivered in Thailand.

There are numerous other ways in which you can support us including publicising our work via your website, help us with sourcing equipment and supplies & translation skills. If you would like to find out about the ways in which you could support us, or have some specific ideas in mind, fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.