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About us:



Established ten years ago, Kham Nakon EMS & Rescue (KNK Rescue) was the result of a group of Thai volunteers who were already established within other Foundations coming together to discuss how the delivery of volunteer pre-hospital care can be bettered & how to improve the volunteering experience as a whole. Due to some of the existing Foundations expressing reluctance to look at change, these volunteers decided to create a new organisation & work in a planned manner to achieve the changes they foresee as possible. 

We are now in 2024 and entering the next stage of our development. To date, we have developed & and delivered award-winning water safety programs in Khon Kaen, taught hundreds of schoolchildren the concepts of water safety, and led them to achieve swimming competence - Thailand has one of the world's highest youth drowning numbers in the world. In addition to this, we have been part of the delivery team teaching the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) program to volunteers across the region.

KNK Rescue was part of the nationwide mobilisation to save the teenage footballers who were caught in the cave flooding and as part of the Disaster Medical Assistance Team program, we have been mobilised to a number of flooding and other incidents across the country.

What does the next 5 years look like?

We will continue to grow and develop our members skills. There are several projects in development for this year onwards including:

Starting to deliver 1669 Medical Response Service which will include the acquisition of two purpose-built ambulances featuring up-to-date safety systems and clinical equipment for our volunteers to use

Introduction of new technical rescue skills training (for both our volunteers and those from other foundations wishing to develop their skills)

Modular clinical skills training to develop clinical skills and awareness

Establishing a dedicated team that will work on commercial income generation projects

Acquisition of two specialist rescue support tenders to provide technical rescue 

Development of a training academy

These may, to some, appear to be ambitious objectives! To develop, ambition is key!

Do you want to be part of an enthusiastic team that is committed to patient care?


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Volunteering opportunities

We ARE actively seeking new volunteers in Khon Kaen to assist with developing and expanding our services. Please do get in contact with us to discuss the various options we have available.

We currently have NO VACANCIES for non-Thai volunteers, however, we are planning to review this in 2024. We hope there will be several exciting and innovative projects available that you may find of interest. Your time with us will contribute to the ongoing development & re-modeling of how pre-hospital care is delivered in Thailand.

There are, however numerous other ways in which you can support us including publicising our work via your website, helping us with sourcing equipment and supplies & translation skills. If you would like to find out about how you could support us, or have some specific ideas in mind, fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

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