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Thailand has an exceptionally high accident rate & there is a disproportionately high number of accidents involving ambulances, with a resultant loss of life & life changing injuries for the patient & ambulance crews. This is compounded with a series of issues relating to safety standards & design of the ambulances in use (both volunteer & paid ambulance crews). Launching 2018, there will be a campaign to secure funding for a standardised ambulance. For more background information have a read of some of the articles which we have published online.

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Ambulance Refurbishment

We are in the final stages of arranging receipt of a donated Mercedes Sprinter ambulance from a private hospital group, who we are working in collaboration with. Can you help us turn this into a state of the art BLS vehicle? Items we need include monitoring kit, contents for a trauma, airway and general purpose kit bags. Interested in discussing how you can help us? Click on CONTACT to get in touch with us if you can help us out

Class Professional Publishing

We extend a big thank you to Class Professional Publishing for the donation of a series of training manuals - all of which will be used to help in the design of new courses, enabling upskilling of EMR and EMT volunteers.


This is your chance to help us in our work. We receive only a very small (seriously a very small) amount of money from the government in return for the work we undertake.


Yes, we are developing sustainable revenue projects, but right now, we need support in order to replace and develop our ambulances!  Contact us if you are interested or have some suggestions for us!

Collaboration Project

There is an old saying that there is strength in numbers. From a more practical perspective, there is a benefit in Foundations joining together, sharing resources such as training & equipment, together offering a unified EMS & Rescue service to the province. This new approach to working will also see a partnership with one of the leading private hospital groups which in turn will allow us to build our skills and capability.

NE Thailand HART

In conjunction with our training partner, Global Fire and Rescue, we are setting up the framework to establish the first Hazardous Area Response Team in the country, using an adapted model of the UK Ambulance Services HART & the Fire Service Fire Rescue Unit (FRU). Training will include aspects such as Road Traffic Collision Extrication, Technical Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue & enhanced clinical management skills as well as incident management & scene safety. This course will build on some of the training which has been delivered as part of the DMAT training which a number of our volunteers have already undertaken. Open to all suitably qualified volunteers from Foundations across the region, this will be the basis of starting our collaboration project.

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