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Website Updates

Site redevelopment

We are in the early stage of a bid with a design school in the UK who are considering undertaking a redesign of our site for us, as an end of year project for their web design course.

This would provide us with the opportunity to undertake a long overdue overhaul of our site and provide us with a fresh new look!

In the meantime, there is quite a lot of behind the scenes work taking place with the current site adding new content, updating pages and restructuring the layout and how pages flow.

Training Notes

Long promised and now in the process of being revised and uploaded, these aides will include the following subjects:

  • Definition of Multi System Trauma

  • What is wrong with my patient? Ask the RIGHT questions!

  • What is ‘Life Threatening Asthma’?

  • Exploring the mechanism of injury

  • The S in Sample – a more in depth look at this

  • What is sepsis?

  • Don’t forget vital signs – how many, how fast, how big…!


Please feel free to download and use as you need.


Projects for 2024

What are our 2021 plans?

Our plans for 2024 are being discussed and formulated - these will follow in due course, so please keep an eye out for these soon!

Included in the discussion at the moment:

Co-working and response with other Foundations in KhonKaen

This will bring a new approach of cooperation between the various foundations, allowing us to together, share resources, training, and equipment

Specialist Light Rescue Vehicle

This is a work in progress with details to follow


Sources of support

2024 will be a focus year looking at ways in which we can increase the ways in which we receive support and sponsorship.  

Watch this space for details.

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