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Welcome to EMS Thailand

We are setting up a new Awarding Organisation who will oversee the delibery of a revised EMR and EMT training program, to be delivered alongside and in addition to the exisiting EMIT EMR & EMT training.

EMS Thailand will be a registered non-for-profit Foundation and the directors will be both Thai and non-Thai EMSS professionals, all with a solid background in both EMSS and training.

Our aims are simple:

What happens next?

There are a number of meetings taking place with a variety of organisations in Thailand over the next few months.

Once we have completed these, we will update this site with more information and timelines as to when we will start operation.

Bookmark this page for updates!

  • Development of EMSS training enabling volunteers and paid staff to deliver the highest care possible

  • Development of a new set of clinical skill competencies allowing volunteer and paid EMR and EMT staff to gain new skills

  • Development of a robust, authentic and current verification process overseeing all training and assessments

  • Development of an online CPD process to enable personal development and recording of competencies

  • Accreditation via APEL of exisiting EMIT qualifications enabling volunteers and paid staff to enter registration at an appropriate level

  • Development of skills and competencies appropriate for Thailand (ie not simply running an overseas EMSS course and expecting this to be suitable for local conditions)

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