Our team assisting with delivering EMR training recently in Khonkaen. Training volunteers in essential lifesaving skills.

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We provide 1669 EMS & Rescue services in Khonkaen. Our Emergency Medical Responders & EMT's are all EMIT registered. There are a number of oversea volunteers who perform a variety of roles to support our activities too.

In addition to this, we are part of the team delivering EMR training in Khon Kaen & we have a community outreach program delivering water safety and rescue skills.

What we do

Our mission statement

We have a clearly defined mission statement, which is: 

'Setting the standards of appropriate pre-hospital care to which others will aspire to achieve'

We will strive to achieve this through establishing new training processes to build and develop the skills of our volunteers.

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Over the past three years, we have developed a Wordpress blog which you can access here. This site contains training resources, news, updates, videos and a series of articles addressing the pressing needs and issues facing EMS in Thailand. We are also on Facebook and Twitter - select the Social Media tab at the top of this page to review the feeds.

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We pleased to announce that PAX has chosen to support our work in Thailand.